Growing up in Germany with non religious parents who brought me to churches exclusively for the purpose of listening to organ concerts and study old art work, I had a lot of existential questions that were never answered in a satisfactory manner. My subsequent world travels brought me in contact with many people and their very divers worldviews and religions.

I remember being in a park in Amsterdam, Holland around 1980 where, after a reggae concert a small group stayed behind to discuss their philosophies on the foundation of beer and other, more psychedelic substances. Curiously, one or two representatives of every mayor religion and worldview were present, and through the entire night discussions rang high comparing the different faiths with each other.

Still, I had more questions than answers, and although music brought me to a high level of emotional and spiritual expression, I wanted to know if God was real and if there was a link between that God and me.

Many years later, after moving to New York City, Juanita Fleming, a Christian Jazz Singer, would invite me to accompany her in a small Nigerian church on Roosevelt Island. After reading most of the Koran, parts of the Bhagavad Gita (an ancient Hindu text), Pastors Olu  and Elsie Obed’s regular bible studies introduced my wife Mukarabe and me to God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, and many of my existential questions from long ago were answered. But it took a journey to Burkina Faso in the year 2000 to encounter Jesus Christ personally, and since then, my life has changed in amazing ways. I have learned to be a worshipper, not merely to perform for people, but to please God with my music.

Since then, I became an ordained minister and pastor, and I am leading worship in my church The Light Fellowship in Signal Hill, California, and travel as guest minister to other churches. I have written many praise and worship songs, and have released an instrumental CD called “AMAZING GRACE” .


You can contact me on the contact page if you would like me to come to your church or event.


See Media for samples of worship music and the CD AMAZING GRACE